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Car makers around the world have some very complex and interesting histories. There are many different car manufacturers, which have a wide range of different histories. Learning about these histories can be very interesting since the stories of many car makers reflect the economic, social and political history of the countries in which they are based, and of the entire world.

Car BrandsThe world is full of cars. Many people use their cars on a daily basis and the roads are full of cars bearing all of the many different brand names used by car makers from around the world. There are a huge range of different car manufacturers, each of which has their own name, brand image and history.

The history of the car is essentially a history of the 20th century. Cars were a novelty at the beginning of this century. They were scarce and there were few manufacturers, who usually produced only small numbers of cars. As the technology progressed and the production of cars became cheaper and faster, cars became available to a much wider range of people. Many new car manufacturers were founded, and a lot of the old brands changed and evolved.

The histories of the best car manufacturers are intertwined with the history of the world. The First and Second World Wars both had significant impact on the manufacture of cars, for example. Car production cease during these wars, with most factories and car plants being converted for the production of munitions, aircraft engines and other hardware that was essential for the military. Many of the factories were damaged during wartime, and they also suffered from the economic consequences of the wars. Luxury car makers often struggled in the inter-war and post-war periods, as the economy struggled to recover. However, many of the people who have worked for car manufacturers have also been involved in the aerospace industry, and there has been a close association between the engineers and designers working on aircraft and those who have created race and street cars.

Another interesting aspect of the histories of car manufacturers is the history of the relationships between the different car makers. There has been a lot of transfer of ideas and technology between different car manufacturers, with certain car makers designing or building parts to be used by other brands. There have also been frequent mergers and takeovers, and changes in the ownership and naming of brands. The relationships between car makers are very complicated. Sometimes, they have been very competitive, but at other times there has been cooperation between different car brands. People have bought and sold companies, and designers have moved from one brand to another, taking their style and ideas with them.

The brand names of many car makers are famous. Most people will recognize at least some of these famous names, such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti or BMW, but few people know much about the often convoluted and colorful histories behind these names. If you are interested in learning more about the history of some of the world's most well-known car manufacturers, you will find plenty of interesting information on our website.